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About DeskPort Technologies

Corprate Addess:
11358 Talon Trace, Fishers, Indiana  46038  USA
Phone: 317-579-9489, Fax 317-579-9487


Harris Turner
Founder and Principal
With over a decade in online business development, Harris Turner has spearheaded the successful development, launch, and evolution of key online and offline businesses. Always a problem-solving entrepreneur, his latest effort to make life more efficient for consumers is DeskPort.

Earlier projects include STATUS, the first application and business that allowed travelers to get their frequent flier account status online (built for United Airlines and Marriott Hotels in 1995), extensive work with, ongoing operation of the Frequent Travel Marketing Association, and development of the technology behind Retrieve-It, an aggregation tool for data from disparate sources used to simplify the online purchasing process.

Like others, Harris has been frustrated for years by the extreme inefficiency of web browsers. DeskPort is the company's initial contribution to help solve this problem, at least on top-line reference for which most consumers use the Internet.

Turner was a graduate of Duke University and can be contacted at

Mike Hoeffner
Chief Technician and Principal

Mike Hoeffner took the DeskPort concept and turned it into a practical, functioning application. His early background includes that as an integration consultant for Trilogy, focusing on the telecommunications and automotive industries. He later managed an explosive-growth development team at, a Trilogy spin-off.

He has more recently been focused on a variety of domains including enterprise business planning, peer-to-peer recruiting, and institutional investing. He is also the developer of the widely-used MileTracker frequent flier aggregation tool, which is one of the components of DeskPort. Mile Tracker simultaneously consolidates balances, transactions, and other account information from over 80 sources.

Among other things, Mike has an interesting hobby in trying to improve the lives of stray animals, whether by neutering/spaying dozens of feral cats or finding homes for abandoned puppies and escaped birds.

Hoeffner was a computer sciences graduate from Duke University and can be contacted at

Diane Turner
Marketing Principal

A veteran of online's peaks and valleys, Diane Turner weathered the Internet's early explosive growth, correction and most recent strides. Active in many elements of the online environment since the time when Prodigy was THE major online service, she has developed and monetized product lines, driven innovative marketing campaigns and led top tier sales teams for, MapQuest, and WeatherBug.

As a co-founder of the Frequent Travel Marketing Association, the premiere loyalty marketers' association, Diane has remained active within the travel, finance, tel-com and retail industries.

She has embraced the desktop application environment for several years, experiencing the increased acceptance and growth of this platform. Supporting customized product lines, she foresees an evolution as DeskPort radically impacts daily Internet usage.

Turner earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Butler Univerity and can be contacted at

Courtney Reifeis
Customer Support Manager

Courtney Reifeis is a natural at fixing problems. As the Customer Support Manager for DeskPort, Courtney is responsible for ensuring that DeskPort users are responded to quickly with questions or concerns. Whenever anyone fills out a "Contact Us" form, she is sure to get the message.

Lately, her responsibilities have grown as she is learning the ropes of the Forum, an incentive-based set of ongoing surveys, targeted to frequent travelers and delivered to companies that need to know our Forum members' opinions.

Reifeis graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Purdue University with a degree in Applied Statistics and can be contacted at

Justin Robinson
IT Director

Justin Robinson has been an active part of the Deskport Team working behind the scenes to help make the software run efficiently and correctly. He has had experience in an array of programming languages and database technologies along with multimedia design.

His Media Arts degree brings a visual perspective along with a technical perspective to his programming. He is continually exploring different avenues to expand on the current software and provide the best product on the market. His upcoming projects include the development of DeskPort applications as Web-based complements, modifying existing applications for cross platform compatibility, expanding settings control, as well as creating versions of the DeskPort applications that run on mobile devices, insuring virtual access to your data from almost anywhere.

Robinson graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Media Arts from Butler University and can be contacted at